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"When I first talked to Rustam about the project he knew exactly what I wanted for my music video and was able to translate exactly what I meant into his own creative ideas! He always listens to your needs and adapts them yet has a natural talent to make them become even bigger! In addition, he has a huge ability to reassure people that work with him whether it was me, the actors or even his crew and explaining perfectly what he envisions and demonstrates his professionalism throughout! Rustam is a real passionate and a perfectionist! He will go very very far I am confident!"

Shana Pearson - Singer @ Maestro Records

"Rustam is one of my favorite people to work with. His excitement on and off set is contagious, and his sincerity is a rare asset to find in LA. Rustam is an avid communicator and dedicated artist; he has great potential in my eyes."

Tobias Deml - CEO of Prodigium Pictures/Director of Photography

​"I had a great working relationship with Rustam who was wonderfully responsive and highly professional. The project was a success. I am very thankful to him for delivering creativity and great service. I look forward to working with him on many future projects."

Lika Osipova - Producer and Director of Miss Russian LA beauty pageant


Will be emailed on request
        Rustam Vakilov is an up-and-coming visual storytelling director living in Los Angeles, CA. Before getting into 
filmmaking, Rustam was studying Physics at the most prestigious university in Istanbul, Turkey. His interests began shifting from science to art at the age of 18. That's when he decided to drop everything and move to Los Angeles, CA.
        After three years studying Cinema in Santa Monica College, Rustam got accepted to the well known USC School of Cinematic Arts majoring in Film Production.

        Soon after, Rustam started directing, producing, editing and color grading dozens of music videos, commercial and narrative works for European singers, actors and artists all around.
        In the beginning of 2011, Rustam had the experience of working with Dave Franco and Emma Roberts as a 2nd Assistant Director in Cults' "Go Outside" music video. The same year, Rustam had an amazing opportunity working directly with Vin Diesel as a cinematographer for one of the TV episodes of "The Ropes", co-directed by Vin Diesel and Zoe Saldana.
        Rustam has also worked as DI colorist on numerous high profile clients such as Sony Music and Snapchat’s Discover partner, Mitu. In 2016, Rustam played an important role as one of the editor’s of YouTube Red’s first original feature film “A Trip to Unicorn Island”, helping it land the Streamy Awards .
        Rustam enjoys working with concepts that resonate with, both the natural and supernatural. His vision brings out new perspectives to the world as he goes deep into exploring psychological connections, esoteric symbolism and undiscovered mysteries. 
        He speaks three languages; Russian, Turkish, and English as his third.     
        Rustam is currently working on his feature length directorial debut.
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